Comfortable trendy boots for girls: collection CITY GIRL

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CITY GIRL: an infinite variety of materials, colours and finery

In creating this collection of handmade boots for girls our Italian designers have really thought of everything and indulged their creativity. From the same last, they have ensured many surprising variation elements. You find them in the soft and smooth Vitello nappa leather, as well as in the rough crosta leather, also called suede. And this in an expanded colour palette. Crosta for example is available in 60 different colours. Also in the field of finishing, various materials, finery and details were played with. With this unique and extensive collection of CITY GIRL boots, the heads of many girls with a fashion conscious vision will literally stampede.



CITY GIRL: what makes this boots collection so attractive to girls?

  • All boots are made on the same last. The upper leather of the foot consists of one piece, so that no pressing seams are present. Therefore, these boots are so comfortable to wear.
  • As with all KIDS OF THE FUTURE shoes and boots, the insole is removable. In this way, they can easily be replaced by any orthotics.
  • The shopped boots reach above the knee and this is unique for children. The top knee flap can be folded back below the knee. So the girls can wear the boots in different ways. Noteworthy here is that the folded flap provides enough space to the back of the knee. Thus, playing children are not affected by a rubbing knee flap.
  • All boots are equipped with an easy zipper on the inside of the leg.
  • The CITY GIRL boots are available for girls with a size 31 to 42. On demand, we also extended this boots collection to the Hipstep ladies collection. For this, a ladies last is provided for sizes 35 to 42.


A selection from our collection CITY GIRL boots

  • City Girl boots 2Model 1 is made of soft Vitello nappa leather and finished with nice decorative straps. The straps on the inside of the boot are attached with eyes, just next to the zipper, and intersect on the outside. The edges of the knee flaps are adorned with nails that are repeated on the exterior of the decorative straps. These boots are available in various colours such as black, dark brown, grey and red. Within this model, we foresee 10 to 12 different designs. The variations are set on the knee flaps and straps, where we use different materials like jaguar and zebra patterns.
  • Model 2 distinguishes itself by the beautiful incorporated metal zipper that decoratively spirals over the leg shaft, the beautiful decorative stitching on the foot instep and the draped folds over the leg shaft. These boots are available in both soft and smooth Vitello nappa leather and rough crosta leather. For the time being, the nappa leather is available in black, dark brown, grey and red. The crosta leather is available in a wide palette of 60 different colours.


Casual, playful and easy to maintain

City Girl boots 3These beautiful boots collection for girls have a very casual look. Thanks to the excellent quality they can take a beating. When it comes to children’s boots, this is a must.

No need to worry about the maintenance. The nappa leather is easily cleaned. For the crosta leather a turn with a soft bristled brush is enough.

For children who have set their minds on a sturdy outdoor shoe, we refer to our winter collection 2010 ANGEL sneakers, TOPPY and METROPOLI boots.


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