From design to finished shoes for children

More than 200 craft operations from design to finished child’s shoe

Pleasantly wearing and exclusively looking child’s shoes are the result of skill and patience, taste and sense of proportion, knowledge of materials, sense of colours and empathy within the vision and the thinking of children.

To make qualitative children’s shoes, over 200 operations are needed from the selection of leather to the wrapping in silk paper and the shoe box. In short, these actions comprise the assembly of the upper leather with the sole, the modelling and cutting out of the child’s shoe.


Designing children’s shoes means taking  different criteria into account

Children’s shoes of KIDS OF THE FUTURE are a masterpiece ‘Made in Italy’. Skill, experience and taste are the ingredients to produce a design on paper into a comfortable shoe that meets several criteria. Our children’s shoes are comfortable to walk on. They offer a safe and good feeling and you can wear them for hours without losing your natural balance. These are primordial elements for feet and the entire body of growing children.


From design to finished children’s shoes: a process with transformations

The creation of children’s shoes involves many transformations. Several people are part of the entire process from design to finished child’s shoe.

  • Transformation of the raw peltry into soft, comfortable and resistant leather
  • Transformation of ideas into patterns and design
  • Transformation of experience to a drawing on paper
  • Transformation of a drawing to finished shoe

The handcraft creation of children’s shoes is as the art of an architect.


The main steps in the creation of children’s shoes

When creating children’s shoes, more than 200 operations are combined in a few key steps that are worth mentioning in order to better understand the process from design to finished shoes.

  • Model study

From different ideas inspired by children and the father of KIDS OF THE FUTURE Jean-Paul Vanackere, designer Massimo Ciccalè makes a draft. His years of experience, his agility training and professionalism are the engine for all ideas to be converted to a drawing on paper. With a high end product in mind, he works out his models.

  • Selecting and cutting out the leather

To get a nice pair of shoes that fit perfectly in texture and colour, the skins are carefully selected. Cutting out the leather and lining by hand, takes a lot of skill. The leather is cut out by means of thick cardboard patterns that are drawn for each size. For some collections the leather pieces are coloured manually. Then the KOTF logo is burned into the leather. The various pieces are stitched together.

  • The assembly on the last

The assembly is done on the last. The various operations are performed both manually and with technically advanced machines. The mid sole is attached to the last. Then we attach the upper leather or the leg on the last so that the final shape of the shoe becomes visible. Then the soles are attached. The main operations of the assembly include attaching the border between the upper leather and the sole, securing the sole and the mid sole, the application of accessories, finery and colouring.

  • The finish

The higher the desired quality, the more operations and controls. At the finish the leftovers are removed. Then we begin to shine and brush the shoes. Right before packing, we put the removable insole in the shoe.


Now you know perfectly how your beloved KIDS OF THE FUTURE children’s shoes are made. Nothing is let to chance. In the section collections you already see what the new winter collection 2010 has in store: TOPPY and METROPOLI boots, ANGEL sneakers and CITY GIRL boots.

Then quickly look in which shoe store you can find the children’s shoes.

Merchants, who wish to distribute our exclusive shoes, can contact us for more information, a presentation of the collection and delivery conditions.


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