Fashionable, trendy unixex boots: collection METROPOLI

Metropoli boots 1

METROPOLI: everything and anything goes with these trendy unisex boots for spirited youth

These trendy, unisex METROPOLI boots are both casual and for outdoors. Playing in the woods, walking on the beach, frolic in the pools, or dressed up for a family party ... everything and anything goes in this fashionable and nice fitting boots. Our designers have made this collection their pet topic. The METROPOLI boots not only are designed for boys and girls, they also radiate everything KIDS OF THE FUTURE stands for: exclusivity, quality, durability, maintenance friendly and eye for detail. Made in Italy in full glory: taking into account the tastes and the vision of the spirited youth and handcrafted.


A selection of our unisex collection METROPOLI boots

METROPOLI boots * Model 1

  • Metropoli boots 2The first model is a topper in our collection. These beautiful three-coloured boots are made of shiny laminato leather. Each leather skin is coloured by hand with a dabbing technique, after which the colours gradually are absorbed in the leather.
  • This model is a waterproof mounted shoe on which the individual fantasy components are sewn. Thus, we obtain a three-coloured shoes with a blue foot point, a military green heel, a red exterior and a blue interior.
  • The nails on the sole line of the foot point and the heel complete the whole.
  • This shoe is available for boys and girls with a shoe size from 31 up to 42.
  • The well-designed look of our Italian designers immediately was a bull’s eye. The huge success, even with adults, has prompted us to extend this model to our Hipstep collection for adults. For ladies, these boots are available in sizes from 36 to 42, for gentlemen from size 39 to 47.


Metropoli boots 3METROPOLI boots * Model 2

  • Also in this model, we eagerly played with several extended pieces. Here, we work with two different materials: a pair of smooth leather and suede.
  • Between the two types of leather a fashionable edging of half a metal zipper is embedded.
  • Next to the row of eyelets for the laces, an extra eye is provided to preserve the boots’ beautiful feet form.
  • These casual-looking boots come in sizes from 31 up to 42 for both boys and girls.


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