Italian handmade shoes for children

Jean-Paul Vanackere

A combination of Italian creativity and Belgian inventiveness

KIDS OF THE FUTURE, KOTF in short, is a fashionable and trendy collection of children’s shoes.
The driving force behind the project is Jean-Paul Vanackere. Since 1991, Jean-Paul has been working closely with the Italian shoe designer Massimo Ciccalè. Together they specialized in the creation and production of handmade, exclusive shoes. Meanwhile, they are no longer strangers to the international shoe market.


Innovation in children’s shoes with an eye to the future

With KIDS OF THE FUTURE a whole new concept was created. From years of experience, the idea has grown to develop a specific collection for children. Trendy and Stylish are the keywords, innovation is the target and the vision is a look into the future from the children’s point of view.


Design, production and supply tailored to the youth

In growing children, the feet are an important part of the body. The feet carry the entire body weight, giving support to the body and creating balance. Therefore we pay special attention to the quality of the leather materials used, the shape and comfort of each shoe. We decide ourselves on all aspects from design to production and supply. All these factors contribute to the exclusivity of our collection.


A synergy of creativity, quality, exclusivity and commercial insight

To produce the shoes, we deliberately chose a quality company in Italy, where the well-known Luca shoes are made. Naturally, our exclusive collection is completely separated from the basic line they make. Our collection takes little account of existing trends, but starts from the idea of children themselves. What do they find hip and snazzy? What conditions do they dictate to shoes?

From this grew our first prototypes. Children of different age groups are actively involved in the project. From the first prototypes, new ideas arise. The final collection is a synergy of the many ideas, the feasibility, the quality, the creative mind of designer Massimo Ciccalè and the deliberate and strong commercial insight with which Jean-Paul Vanackere wants to meet the international footwear retailers.


Our target group

KIDS OF THE FUTURE is unquestionably the child shoe for any shoe dealer who wants to be with the times. The collection is exclusively distributed through the better shoe merchant and this all over the world.


Are you a shoe retailer interested in becoming distributor?
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Discover right now the first final prototypes of our new winter collection 2010:
ANGEL sneakers, METROPOLI boots, TOPPY sturdy boots and CITY GIRL boots.

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