Maintenance shoes for children different types of leather

Your children’s shoes: easy to maintain

Although our exclusive, handcrafted children’s shoes of quality leather are very easy to maintain, they deserve the best care. Therefore we give some tips to maintain the KIDS OF THE FUTURE shoes. We make a distinction between different types of leather.


Maintenance of the collection children’s shoes and boots in smooth leather

Our children’s shoes and boots made of shiny and smooth nappa Vitello leather, are very easy to maintain. To polish the shoes and boots of KIDS OF THE FUTURE, you can use a traditional hard shoe polish or shoe cream. Always use a brush with natural hair or a soft cloth to apply the shoe polish. Then to shine the shoe polish, use a brush with natural hair. Even better for the shining is using a special glove of synthetic wool.


Maintenance of the collection children’s shoes and boots in crosta and nabuk

Crosta and nabuk or nubuk, also suede, are rough leather types and have a velvety surface. By friction or pressure a pole shift is created so that you can see stripes. These lines are easy to brush smooth again. To make the crosta or nabu leather children’s shoes and boots waterproof, you best first spray them off with a product. Dirty spots can be put out with a special gum, which is obtainable in every retail store.


Maintenance of the METROPOLI collection

These three-coloured METROPOLI boots for children and women are made of smooth leather that is carefully hand coloured. The interior is brownish. To preserve the colours, you best use a colourless shoe cream. You apply this with a cloth or a soft brush with natural hair. Then shine the shoes with a brush or a special glove of synthetic wool.


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