Shoes for children KIDS OF THE FUTURE

Kids of the Future

KIDS OF THE FUTURE, exclusive shoes from and for children

KIDS OF THE FUTURE is a brand new exclusive shoe brand for children. From our experience in the children’s footwear market, impregnated with the future vision of the youth, we bring on the market unique KIDS OF THE FUTURE shoes for children that meet the following criteria:

  • Innovation and exclusivity
  • Quality
  • Comfortable
  • Fully responsive to the contemporary trend


Children, the trendsetters of the future

We find that for children it is increasingly difficult to choose shoes that meet their needs. How can it be otherwise, since shoes are designed by adults. Therefore we deliberately chose to involve children of different age groups to put together our new children’s collection. The first prototypes have just left the last. A first presentation to the target audience was greeted with much enthusiasm. It convinced us to further develop our project KIDS OF THE FUTURE.


What makes our collection so unique

  • You will find them nowhere else on the market
  • Design and production by young Italian designers, the trendsetters of shoe fashion
  • Handmade from various types of pure leather
  • An unequalled design
  • High quality finish
  • Surprising details
  • A wide range of colours
  • Removable inner soles
  • Large mate table
  • Perfect fit


Come see our new collection. It costs you nothing! There is only to gain …

End of March, we introduce our first collection to the shoe traders. Those who believe in the personal tastes of the youth, have already half won. With our unique collection of shoes in your shop window and shelves, we promise you an influx of fashion-conscious youngsters.


Interested to see, feel and test our new collection?
Read more about our presentation: you are most welcome!

Have already a first impression of the KIDS OF THE FUTURE winter collection 2010:
ANGEL sneakers, TOPPY and METROPOLI boots, and CITY GIRL boots.


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