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Today’s youngsters choose children’s shoes from a vision with personality

KIDS OF THE FUTURE ... yes, today’s children are tomorrow’s future. The children of the 21st century are social, articulate, outspoken and have their own opinions and views on life. They express that in a definite social intercourse with friends, where they openly express their opinion. Within this fact they develop their own identities. Their looks play a major role in this. Clothing, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, make-up ... are part of their own being.


KOTF meets the child of the future with its exclusive collection of shoes

KIDS OF THE FUTURE, KOTF in short, represents an exclusive, fashionable and trendy line of children’s shoes, designed from the idea of the children themselves. Hipstep nicely responds to the needs of today’s children to be allowed to choose their own shoes, and even design them themselves.


KIDS OF THE FUTURE: children’s shoes with a well thought-out vision

Our brand name KIDS OF THE FUTURE is very well thought-out. The youth’s way of thinking will determine our future. By involving them in what is important to them, we adults are increasingly aware of what our future will look like.

That is why Hipstep has launched a survey to different age groups: how do children interpret concepts such as fashionable and trendy? The answers were strikingly aimed towards the future:

  • Their appearances come in first place, because how they look, determines their personality and thereby their future.
  • Major developments in the field of multimedia like Internet, I-phones and social media is a permanent part of the youngsters’ lives.
  • World peace, a clean environment and work for all is also part of their vision for the future.


Let the cobbler stick to his last and design shoes for KIDS OF THE FUTURE

The truth comes from the mouth of an innocent child. Any adult with common sense cannot but agree that our children are right.

Although the cobbler has to stick to his last, we as shoemakers want to contribute to this new future. With KIDS OF THE FUTURE we design unique collections of shoes for youngsters and children with a nod to the wishes of the children themselves. And so our slogan was created: SHOES KIDS CHOOSE.


Discover our new winter collection 2010 with ANGEL sneakers, TOPPY sturdy boots, CITY GIRL boots for girls and unisex METROPOLI boots of KIDS OF THE FUTURE, a brand that every shoe-trader should have in his shop window and racks.

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