Sturdy boots for children: collection TOPPY


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TOPPY: a collection of sturdy boots for children with both feet on the ground

These handcrafted sturdy boots, just like the exceedingly strong army boots, are made of hard saddle leather. You will find a variety of colours like dark brown, military green and blue. These TOPPY laced boots are perfect for boys, and also for girls, who like both feet on the ground. Of course, the fans of sturdy boots do not only wear them outdoors but also casual. Durability and a wonderful comfort make this laced boot a popular shoe for children with size 31 up to youngsters with size 42.


A waterproof finish with sturdy nails, that is totally TOPPY!

Striking is the finish of the shaft: completely ‘Made in Italy’! The upper leather consists of several pieces such as the tip, the heel, the foot instep and the lower leg. For the connection of these parts, the seams are replaced by a careful fully waterproof fixing with nails.

On the back of the heel line, a decorative stitching is fitted, that with an outward, fine fold keeps the leather together. The shaft is mounted with a sole, bordered all around with a decorative stitching.

The TOPPY boots undeniable ray quality, comfort, durability and craftsmanship, which are the qualities that feature our KIDS OF THE FUTURE children’s shoes.


A cool look and easy maintenance

Toppy boots 1This sturdy half-length TOPPY boot looks the best with the laces stringed and knotted halfway up. Of course, they can be fastened up all the way to the top, but youngsters simply find it cooler when the shoe is still half-open.

Concerning the maintenance, you do not need to leave these sturdy boots in the shop window. Put on some shoe polish or shoe cream with a soft cloth and shine them with a soft brush. Besides, the longer you wear them, the nicer they become.

Young people, who would rather see something more colourful, will certainly find their taste in our METROPOLI collection. Or is your sight rather set on fun sneakers or boots? Just take a look at our other collections.


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