Traditionally Made in Italy shoes for children

Design, quality and perfection manifestly there in handcraft children’s shoes ‘Made in Italy’

Each season it is again our goal to spoil our customers with an unparalleled quality and design excellence. Just so we opt for children’s shoes ‘Made in Italy’. Italy is known worldwide for its tradition in the handicraft of beautiful and qualitative shoes. Industrialization and technology have not been able to replace the years of Italian experience in the traditional shoe production. In all the children’s shoes of the KIDS OF THE FUTURE the manual work is still visible and manifest. And indeed, you can only find this in children’s shoes ’Made in Italy’.


Shoes and psychology go hand in hand

It may sound very cliché, but women who do not feel good in their skin, often go shopping and come home with a new pair of shoes. This trend also is becoming stronger and stronger with the youngsters. Shoes and psychology have many points in common. The smell of new leather gives some people a stronger excitement or stimulus than a delicious perfume. The natural colours of our children’s shoes remind us of the earth and its wealth of fruits. Simultaneously soft and resistant, the surface makes us think of a shiny chestnut. The longer the shoe is worn, the more mature and better it becomes. Shoes radiate the personality of those who wear them.


Made in Italy: the best kinds of leather and a heart for handcraft finish

Italian shoe designers and shoe makers experienced their greatest job satisfaction at the moment they put the leather on the last. The kind of leather is one of the most important aspects of the craft production of shoes. KIDS OF THE FUTURE selects with the utmost care the best leather for designing and making its collections of children’s shoes. We prefer nappa vitello, crosta and nabuk, because these types of leather offer comfort and character. The quality of a child’s shoe means ‘to feel’ the leather. And the longer you wear our children’s shoes, the more smashing they will look.

‘Made in Italy’ also means perfection of handcraft finish with stitching, nails, hooks, eyes, belts. You always discover a harmonious interplay of leather, finish, and surprising effects.


To the individual we offer on this website a list of our 2010 winter collection: trendy girl boots CITY GIRL, comfortable ANGEL sneakers for toddlers, sturdy boots TOPPY and trendy unisex boots METROPOLI that you can find at the best shoes trader’s.

Shoes traders, who wish to sell our collection at their store, can contact us.


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